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Best mattress without fiberglass in 2023: sleep safe and sound

Jul 05, 2023

Find the best mattress without fiberglass for worry-free sleep every night

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Shopping for the best mattress without fiberglass may seem like a challenge, given the prevalence of this material. Even some of the best mattresses on the market incorporate fiberglass into their designs. But what is fiberglass, and is it genuinely a concern to have it in your mattress?

Fiberglass is a malleable material made of fine glass strands. It's highly resistant to heat and an affordable way for brands to add a fire barrier to their mattresses. When properly sealed, fiberglass poses no immediate risk to human health. However, direct contact or inhalation can cause irritation and breathing problems.

Ultimately, you want to do what you can to sleep soundly – and for you, that may mean finding a mattress with materials you feel safe resting on. Below, we’ve rounded up the top five mattresses without fiberglass based on our personal experiences and in-depth research. We also asked a couple of sleep experts to share what you need to know about fiberglass – including ways you can avoid it and how to keep yourself safe around it.

Mattresses that use fiberglass alternatives like wool or cotton tend to cost more, but our mattress sales hub features plenty of deals on fiberglass-free mattresses. Upcoming Labor Day mattress sales are among the best times to buy, as well. Head below for our picks of the best mattresses without fiberglass...

In a hurry to choose? Here are the bare basics you need to know about with each of our selected mattresses.

Best of the best

The best overall

The Saatva Classic delivers hotel-level luxury without the premium price tag. This hybrid innerspring uses premium materials including a plant-based fire retardant.

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Cool comfort

Best cooling

The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid is an excellent choice for anyone who sleeps warm, and inside there's a cotton-polyester blend rather than fiberglass.

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Best organic

Going organic is a great way to avoid fiberglass. This bed from Birch is made with organic latex, wool and cotton, and it's naturally breathable and excellent value.

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Great price

Best affordable

If you don't have a huge budget, the Bear Original is well worth a look. It delivers great motion isolation, and it uses flame-proof Rayon as a fire barrier.

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Firm support

Best for heavy people

If most mattresses don't give you the support you need, the Big Fig is tailor-made for larger bodies, with a total weight capacity of 1,100lbs.

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Our expert review:

✅ You're picky about depth and firmness: The Saatva Classic comes in three firmness options and two heights

✅ You have a bad back: The Classic's Lumbar Zone technology can really help with back pain

You enjoy a sink-in feel: The Saatva Classic doesn't really hug you in the way memory foam beds do

❌ You have a really restless partner: Motion isolation could be better, and a fidgety co-sleeper may disturb you

The Saatva Classic receives heaps of praise from consumers and sleep experts alike. One key reason for its acclaim is the brand’s commitment to quality materials that are safe for sleepers and the environment. Handcrafted in the US, the Saatva Classic mattress consists of recycled steel coils, CertiPUR-US certified foam, an organic cotton cover, and a natural flame retardant crafted from thistle pulp.

Beyond the integrity of its materials, the Saatva Classic offers impressive customization options. It comes in three firmness levels – soft, luxury firm, or firm – and two height profiles (11.5 or 14.5 inches). Our experience with a 14.5-inch firm Saatva Classic mattress revealed it to be a superb all-rounder, providing comfort in any sleep position thanks to the impeccable pressure relief of its soft pillow top and Saatva’s patented Lumbar Zone Technology. We recommend it for anyone seeking a good mattress for back pain, as well as hot sleepers since its dual layer of coils, breathable cover, and minimal lack of foam result in ample airflow.

Though it’s easy to find a Saatva mattress sale, this is still a bonafide luxury mattress, even after discounts. That said, it offers tremendous value for a hotel-quality bed, complete with a 1-year trial, lifetime warranty, and free in-home delivery, including removal of your old mattress if needed. (The Saatva Classic arrives flat, instead of vacuum-sealed in a box.)

For most sleepers, the Saatva Classic is the best mattress without fiberglass for its winning combination of luxury, practicality, and eco-friendliness. If you crave more of a sink-in feel without the threat of overheating, take a look at the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid directly below.

Our expert review:

✅ You tend to sleep hot: The AS3 Hybrid's cooling tech means it can feel seven degrees cooler than other beds

✅ You're a side sleeper: You get great pressure relief with the AS3 Hybrid, perfect if you tend to sleep on your side

You're of a heavier build: The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid is unlikely to be firm enough to support heavier bodies

❌ You sleep on your stomach: The AS3 Hybrid's softness means stomach sleepers' spines might not be supported

If you're seeking a cooling mattress without fiberglass (that’s also made in the USA), check out the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid. This bed-in-a-box features a Refresh Cover that purportedly sleeps up to seven degrees cooler. Packed inside are pocketed coils and plant-based Bio-Pur Foam for enhanced breathability. An Amerisleep representative told us that the brand uses a cotton-polyester blend instead of fiberglass, which also lends it a plusher feel.

In our Amerisleep HS3 Hybrid review, we dubbed it the "Goldilocks of beds for side sleepers” since it strikes the perfect balance of comfort and support for that position. Zoned coils align the spine while easing pressure on the hips, knees, and shoulders. Our tester's chronically-overheated sleeping partner was impressed by the AS3 Hybrid's cooling abilities as he slept soundly – not sweaty – every night. Sturdy edges and minimal motion transfer also make it a suitable choice for couples who otherwise struggle with sharing a bed.

A queen-sized Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid retails for $1,949, but it regularly sells for $1,499 courtesy of an evergreen $450 discount. It comes with 120 nights to test it out, along with free returns if you’re not satisfied. Keep it and your purchase will be backed by a 20-year warranty.

With the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid, you’ll reap the benefits of cooling technology, targeted relief, and a fiberglass-free design. We think it’s ideal for small to average-size side sleepers who run warm. Heavier side sleepers might find a better fit with the firm Saatva Classic above or the Big Fig Mattress further down this list.

Our expert review:

✅ You get hot in the night: The Birch Natural mattress is very breathable and actually feels cool to the touch

✅ You want an organic bed: The Birch is made with organic cotton, wool and Talalay latex

You tend to fidget in bed: Springy latex means that the motion isolation on Birch isn't the best

❌ You sleep on your side: The Birch is fairly firm, and side sleeper may find their joints aren't adequately cushioned

Choosing an organic mattress is a surefire way to steer clear of fiberglass, toxic chemicals, and non-degradable materials. On the flip side, organic beds tend to be among the most expensive, but the Birch Natural mattress is consistently available at a more attainable price point. It has a breathable GOTS Certified cotton cover, eco-INSTITUT certified Talalay latex for pressure relief, and a 100% organic New Zealand wool comfort layer. At the base are 1,000 individually-wrapped coils, followed by an additional layer of organic wool to act as a flame retardant

Like the Amerisleep AS3 above, the Birch Natural excels at keeping night sweats away. When we tried this bed ourselves, our lead mattress tester – who tends to sleep warm – found solace in the cooling, soothing surface of the Birch Natural. A mix of organic, breathable materials and strategically-placed springs effectively wicks away heat and moisture. It has a taut yet comfortable feel, which will cater well to combination sleepers who switch between their stomachs and backs. Heavier coils along the edges will prevent restless sleepers from rolling overboard.

While not exactly budget-friendly, the Birch Natural is an excellent value for an organic bed. A queen typically sells for $1,699 after a consistent 20% discount. Along with a pair of free pillows, you'll receive a 25-year warranty and a 100-night home trial. Ground shipping is included, or choose in-home setup with optional mattress removal for an extra fee.

The Birch Natural’s buoyant feel is likely to resonate more with solo combi sleepers than couples. For those who share a bed with a fidgety partner, an all-foam model like the Bear Original (ranked #4) might be a more fitting option.

✅ You're on a budget: The Bear mattress is a very reasonably priced option that offers great value

✅ You share a bed: Motion isolation is very good, so you won't disturb your partner if you move about in the night

You tend to sleep hot: This is an all-foam bed, and despite its best efforts it has a tendency to trap heat

❌ You like a softer bed: The Bear mattress is pretty firm, which might be a turn-off if you prefer lots of cushioning

While fiberglass-free mattresses usually carry a hefty price tag, the all-foam Bear Original is somewhat of an outlier. This GREENGUARD Gold-certified memory foam mattress is the most affordable option on our list. It features three layers of Certi-PUR US Certified foam, an infrared-responsive Celliant cooling cover, and a WhisperShield fire barrier made from flame-proof rayon.

Although we haven't tested the Bear Original ourselves, it garners high praise from back, front, and side sleepers alike for its full-body contouring, balanced medium-firm feel, and subtle bounce reminiscent of traditional innerspring beds. (For those seeking even more responsiveness, a hybrid version of the Bear Original is also available.) Couples appreciate its minimal motion transfer, ensuring uninterrupted sleep for both partners.

The Bear Original has a mid-range MSRP, but it’s regularly 30% off, reducing the price of a queen size to $649. Better yet, Bear generously includes a lifetime warranty along with a free bedding set consisting of sheets, pillows, and a mattress protector – up to $500 value. You’ll have 120 nights to try it at home, with free returns if it doesn’t work out.

Despite its cooling cover and a gel-infused memory foam layer, some customers claim that the Bear Original retains heat. This isn't entirely surprising given its all-foam construction. Hot sleepers might find a hybrid mattress more comfortable, particularly a specialized cooling model like the Amerisleep AS3 at #2 on this list.

✅ You're of a generous build: The Big Fig mattress is built to support bigger bodies, with a weight capacity of 1,100lbs

✅ You need lots of edge support: A dense foam outer border means you're not in danger of rolling off the edge

You overheat at night: Some customers have pointed out that the Big Fig has a tendency to trap heat

❌ You don't like firm beds: Because it's designed to support heavier bodies, this bed could be too firm for some

The Big Fig hybrid mattress is tailor-made for larger bodies, with a total weight capacity of 1,100lbs. Wrapped in a ThermoGel fabric cover, it consists of multiple layers of high-density polyfoam, a layer of perforated latex, and over 1,600 pocketed 15-gauge coils. Per a Big Fig representative, the brand eschews fiberglass and instead uses a blend of cotton, linseed, and flax as a fire barrier.

While we haven't personally tried the Big Fig mattress, it’s received rave reviews from larger sleepers who seek a durable and supportive bed. It offers a medium-firm feel with minimal sinkage, and an outer border of 80 ILD foam allows sleepers to utilize the bed to its fullest extent without fear of falling over. A 16-tuft top cover ensures all materials stay in place while reducing the risk of sagging.

You’ll often find $300 off the MSRP, which drops the price of a queen to $1,499. Shipping is free, as are returns if you don’t get on with it within the 120-night trial period. You do have the option to upgrade to in-home delivery from $199; mattress removal is also available with delivery from $129. A 20-year warranty applies.

If the Big Fig's is too firm for your tastes, consider the Birch Natural at #3. This latex hybrid supports up to 1,000lbs and may even provide a cooler sleep experience compared to the Big Fig, as some customers have noted the latter tends to hold heat.

Yes, it's generally safe for a mattress to contain fiberglass as long as it’s not exposed. All mattresses sold in the US must have a fire barrier, per the Flammable Fabrics Act. Fiberglass is a cheap and effective way for mattress companies to fulfill that requirement.

Fiberglass isn’t illegal in the US, but concerns about its health effects gained significant attention in December 2022 when a viral TikTok video highlighted exposed fiberglass particles from a damaged mattress. In February 2023, lawmakers in California introduced a bill to ban the use of fiberglass in mattresses and furniture.

Chester Wu, a double-board certified psychiatrist and sleep specialist, says that airborne fiberglass can cause skin irritation, as well as red, itchy eyes and irritated lungs. (“People with allergies or sensitivities may have more pronounced reactions to fiberglass exposure,” he adds.) In any case, Wu suggests seeing a doctor if you suddenly experience “coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, or skin irritation."

If you discover your mattress has fiberglass in it, don’t panic. Wu says, “You can place the mattress in a mattress protector – some are specifically designed to trap fiberglass fibers. You can also vacuum the mattress regularly with a HEPA vacuum cleaner.” If that’s not enough to settle your mind, consider replacing your mattress with one that’s fiberglass-free.

"Consumers should look for labels or product descriptions that state the mattress is free from fiberglass," says Martin Seeley, senior sleep expert at MattressNextDay. "If in doubt, consumers can also contact the manufacturer directly for more information before buying a mattress."

Another indicator that a mattress might have fiberglass is if a brand advises against removing the cover. While this may largely be related to protecting the inner materials from damage, Seeley points out, "There’s a possibility this could be related to fiberglass since exposing the material may cause irritation or respiratory issues."

Popular alternatives to fiberglass include wool, cotton, polyester, and rayon – comfortable materials that are also effective flame retardants. More innovative approaches include plant-based thistle (as used by Saatva) and Big Fig’s blend of cotton, linseed, and flax in its flagship bed.

If you’d feel more at ease sleeping on a mattress without fiberglass, keep in mind that such beds tend to cost more. Fortunately, there are always savings to be found so you’ll seldom have to pay full price. You'll find today’s deals on the best mattresses without fiberglass below.

Of course, you’ll still want your fiberglass-free mattress to suit your sleep style and preferences. Take the materials into consideration while also knowing how to choose a mattress that’s the right fit for your needs.

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Alison is a freelance writer and editor from Philadelphia, USA. She is an expert mattress tester and sleep product reviewer, and has been sharing trusted buying advice and retail news for over a decade. When she isn't reviewing mattresses or hunting for deals, Alison can be found teaching/training in martial arts, fawning over skincare, and indulging in her quarantine-borne hobby: cooking.

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