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Best National Pickleball Day 2023 deals: Save on pickleball paddles and cases at Amazon

Aug 07, 2023

Celebrate National Pickleball Day by picking up a new paddle! Shop the best pickleball paddle deals as of Aug. 8 at Amazon.

BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE: The niupipo pickleball paddle set comes with two paddles and two covers — $45.49 $64.99 (save 30%)

BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE SET: The MTEN pickleball paddle set comes with two paddles, four pickleballs, two grip tapes, and a bag — $50.98 $79.99 (save 36%)

BEST BUDGET PICKLEBALL PADDLE SET: The JoncAye pickleball paddle set comes with two paddles, four balls, one paddle bag, and a bag — $39.99 $65.99 (save 39%)

Pickleball might have a funny name, but when you're on the court, it's all business. It combines elements of more familiar games like tennis and ping pong and it's a fun and challenging sport for players of all ages. All you really need to play is a court, a paddle, and the neon green ball the game takes its name from.

Today happens to be National Pickleball Day, which makes it the perfect time to invest in a new paddle. Whether you're just getting into the game or you're a seasoned veteran, Amazon is offering some steep discounts on pickleball paddles, cases, and bundles with balls included. Given how ridiculously popular the game has become, it's a good idea to jump on these deals fast, before they bounce away!

The niupipo pickleball paddle set comes with two powerful paddles to ensure you always have a spare on hand. These USAPA-approved paddles are crafted from a combination of a graphite honeycomb core and carbon fiber surface for a better swing with more energy behind it. Plus, they're super lightweight yet strong enough to really smash the ball. They're a great choice for beginners or advanced players, and they come with two covers to keep each paddle safe when not in use.

The MTEN pickleball paddle set comes with everything you need to get started playing pickleball. It's also a great option to keep in your car or locker if you happen to need a spare for anything that might be damaged or break. Both paddles are USAPA-approved and crafted from fiberglass and polypropylene honeycomb core tech. This is meant to help reduce vibration so you can hit harder and react quicker. The paddles have fun, multicolored designs on them and are cushioned to help take some pressure off of your wrist. These medium-weight paddles are a great choice for anyone from beginners to experts as well. Plus, you get four pickleballs (they get damaged a lot faster than you'd think), some grip tape, and a carrying case to bring everything along with you. This is a great set for any pickleball enthusiast.

The JoncAye pickleball paddle set is a budget-friendly option for anyone looking to get started playing pickleball. These two paddles are crafted from fiberglass with honeycomb construction like those from more expensive sets, and they're meant to dampen noise. They're small but mighty and come with a fun, colorful hexagonal pattern with pops of color. While they're durable and lightweight enough for adults, heir comfortable, cushioned grip makes them perfect for kids, too. Plus, this affordable set comes with four pickleballs, a paddle bag, and a mesh bag to keep the balls in.


BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE: $45.49 BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE SET: $50.98 BEST BUDGET PICKLEBALL PADDLE SET: $39.99 Best pickleball paddleBest pickleball paddle setBest budget pickleball paddle set