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IKO Industries breaks ground on new mat plant

Aug 21, 2023

IKO industries, the company that is refurbishing the old Nippon Glass plant in Chester County, has also broken ground on the new fiberglass may plant on nearby Cedarhurst Road. The N&R got a chance to see the ground being cleared along with Chester County Economic Development Director Robert Long. Long said when this facility opens next year it will be the most technologically advanced mat plant in North America.

The Nippon Glass plan will be refurbished to provide the chop glass that will be feedstock for the new mat plant.

Between the two plants, IKO Industries is investing $363 million in Chester County and will create 180 new jobs.

“We announced IKO Industries a few months back,” said Long during a tour of the construction site, “it was one of the first big announcements of the year, just before the Albermarle announcement. It’s a two-part project. Part One is reopening the former Nippon Glass plant. Part Two of that is building a separate brand new fiberglass mat plant, and this is what is breaking ground right now.

“We are excited that they’ve broken ground, because that starts the clock on how quickly they will be open. Step one of that is to clear the property, and that’s what we’re seeing today,” Long said.

IKO said at the initial announcement this is the largest project they have announced in the history of their 60-plus year old company.