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Waterproof Breathable Textiles Market to Achieve US $ 3.68 Billion by 2032

Jun 03, 2023

The global market for waterproof breathable textiles was reported to be US $ 2.0 billion in the year 2022, which is now projected to reach a substantial valuation of US $ 3.63 billion by 2032, as published by Reports and Data. Moreover, it’s anticipated that these textiles will exhibit a CAGR of 7 per cent throughout the forecasted period. The raw materials on which these textiles are categorised, including Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Polyester, Polyurethane, and Other Raw Materials, are also projected to experience an upsurge. The increasing interest in activities like Yoga, sports and the growing trend of athleisure are directly contributing to escalating the demand for breathable textiles.

After the pandemic, people are embracing fitness-centric pursuits. This shift towards more stationary lifestyles has fueled a rise in outdoor activities for physical well-being like – hiking and camping. Consequently, this trend has propelled the demand for breathable apparel.

Pertaining to the growth of raw materials, the primary constituent of waterproof textiles, the membranes, are also set to undergo increased demand and innovation. Prominent manufacturers such as W.L Gore & Associates Inc., a leading provider of waterproof breathable membranes are actively moving up the ladder. These manufacturers are introducing novel sustainable technologies, encompassing advanced membranes, coatings and laminates, thereby striking a harmony between waterproofing and breathability attributes. One such example is of ‘FUTURELIGHT’, a North Face launched innovative ‘nanospinning’ technology.

Speaking of India, the market expansion can be attributed to the rising demand of waterproof, breathable textiles in the construction sector. According to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, the expenditure on sports by the Indian government in FY 2021-22 accounted for Rs. 8.39 billion ( approx. US $ 0.112 billion) through the Khelo India scheme. Such financial disbursements and sports-centric initiatives are likely to support the growth of breathable textiles. Aditya Nonwoven Fabric Pvt. Ltd., (Bhiwani) A. J. Textiles (Mumbai) and Dvk Handicraft Pvt. Ltd. (Jaipur) stand as pivotal players within this sector in the domestic market.