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Home improvement products save homeowners money

Jun 24, 2023

It’s amazing! Since 1945, the Uhlmann Family and Uhlmann Home Improvement Inc. have helped local families save money on their gas and electric bills.

And here’s how other homeowners can save money!

Many homeowners have glass-block windows with an outdated jalousie vent in their bathrooms and basement. The jalousies windows are extremely ineffective and allow cold air to pour into a home.

To solve that problem, Uhlmann Home Improvement installs a modern Thermopane vinyl vent into an existing glass-block window, and that saves homeowners money by keeping frigid air out of their home all winter long.

Windows and doors are a huge factor in a home’s ability to save money on energy bills. Energy-efficient windows prevent cold or hot air from entering or escaping a home, and Uhlmann Home Improvement is the answer to becoming energy-efficient.

The Uhlmann Family provides customers with outstanding products manufactured by Climate Solutions Windows and Doors, which is located in Franklin Park, Ill. Recently, Climate Solutions introduced a new product to its line of highly efficient windows and doors.

The products feature BioFoam, a material that can be used as an alternative to traditional insulation materials, which are usually oil-based plastic. BioFoam is a biologically derived foam comprised of lightweight and porous cellular solids.

Uhlmann Home Improvement and owner George Uhlmann provide products from Climate Solutions Windows and Doors that feature BioFoam insulation in the frame and sash of its windows and patio doors. One window model provides a LowE/argon gas 366 I89 Super Spacer, making the window air-tight with a U-factor of .024. The federal government requires a U-factor of .026 for the Energy Star rating that is required for the 2023 energy tax credit.

Climate Solution windows are available in designs including double-hung sliders, picture windows, casement, bow and bay windows, and for entry doors, a two-lite design is available, as well as a three-lite and four-lite patio door. All products from Climate Solutions are available in white, almond, black or any outside color the customer prefers, and it offers three selections of wood grains.

For homeowners who prefer a wood-frame window, Uhlmann Home Improvement offers wood replacement windows that are pre-stained. ProVia is the company that manufactures these beautiful windows. ProVia also features a popular package that includes the efficiency of LowE/argon gas. ProVia windows are available in standard white, but they are also available in many custom colors.

If the windows in a home are more than 17 years old, they are probably out of date and costing homeowners money in heating and cooling bills. Uhlmann Home Improvement can fix that situation by replacing the old glass with new up-to-date glass. If windows are constantly foggy, Uhlmann can install 366 I89 glass or neat glass, which is a self-cleaning glass.

Another way to increase energy efficiency in a home is through the entry door. According to Uhlmann, 90 percent of air transfer occurs at a closed door, and that’s a huge waste of money!

Uhlmann Home Improvement also offers outstanding products from Home Guard. Its steel/fiberglass entry doors are a .22-gauge design and are fully insulated.

“These doors definitely make you more comfortable than any other door on the market,” Uhlmann said. “They will protect your family from the extreme heat and harsh winter weather.”

Doors from Home Guard are also exceptionally strong, Uhlmann said, and they are also designed to protect homeowners and their families from break-ins.

Home Guard doors are available in six different stains, as well as many standard and custom colors, and various finishes are available for door hardware such as handle and locks. Home Guard also offers a stained storm door that matches the stain of the entry door, making it hard to tell if the storm door is even there. Home Guard also offers many lines of glass with a stain finish.

Uhlmann Home Improvement provides the largest collection of storm door styles, colors and sizes. It is the only company that offers a jalousie storm door, and Uhlmann Home Improvement can also provide customers with round-top and segment doors.

All of Uhlmann’s storm doors and security doors are manufactured by industry leaders, including ProVia, Home Guard, Larson, Casco Industries, and WeatherMaster.

Storm windows from Uhlmann Home Improvement save customers money on energy, and many customers prefer to keep their original window design. That’s no problem for this family business—Uhlmann Home Improvement provides storm windows in many colors and designs.

Another great way to save energy in a frame home is with new siding. But, as Uhlmann tells customers, “Insulate before you side.”

With insulation board added to a project, Tyvek and CertainTeed vinyl siding will make a big difference in energy bills.

“I know for a fact that insulation board really works,” Uhlmann said. “We did it on our home last year. Our family room and office were a lot warmer than any winter before, and now in the summer, the rooms are cooler.”

CertainTeed siding, Uhlmann explained, has a warranty that its colors won’t fade. Plus, CertainTeed siding includes a stud finder, so when workers nail the siding to a wall, they know it is firmly anchored on a stud. No other siding has that.

Uhlmann also provides customers with Steel and LP Smart siding which will also protect a home and cut energy bills down.

Surprisingly, aluminum awnings are another great product to prevent the weather from affecting a home. On the coldest windy days, awnings block the cold from home as well as keeping it cooler in the summer months. On a cool raining day, windows can be left open, and the home’s interior will remain dry.

Uhlmann Home Improvement provides other popular products and services. Uhlmann provides new gutters, over-sized downspouts and Gekko gutter guards as well as soffit and fascia products.

Uhlmann Home Improvement has also helped homeowners with its expert repairs for gutters, siding and downspouts.

For more information about saving money with energy-efficient products and services from Uhlmann Home Improvement, call George Uhlmann at (773) 238-1829.

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