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You could save on your energy bills with this handy product for your home

Jun 23, 2023

Homeowners should get their property correctly insulated and ready for winter now

It may still be summer, but the colder weather is fast approaching as autumn is just a few weeks away. This means that the ideal time to properly prepare and insulate your home is now, and there's one product in particular which can help.

Insulation King's cavity wall sheets are specially designed to fit seamlessly into cavity walls. They aim to reduce heat transfer and provide thermal resistance inside UK homes.

By regulating the temperature inside their property and therefore reducing their heating usage, homeowners could save on their energy bills amid the cost of living crisis. The insulation boards can help to reduce the carbon footprint of each home too, allowing customers to do their bit for the environment.

Insulation King's 90mm PIR insulation boards have been developed by EcoTherm Insulation. Their tongue and groove design helps ensure there are no weak spots or gaps in the insulation. And customers can purchase a pack of four measuring 1200 x 450 mm for just £44.50 each (excluding VAT).

This means the PIR cavity insulation boards can fit a wide range of wall cavities. The business also prides itself on each board being highly versatile, easy to install, moisture resistant and fire resistant.*

Insulation King is a trusted supplier of PIR insulation and offers great quality products at wholesale prices. The retailer offers delivery typically during three to four working days within the UK.

*Customers should ensure the product meets fire and safety regulations for their chosen renovation or building project.

To find out more about Insulation King and purchase 90mm PIR cavity insulation boards for your home, visit the website.